Google has been constant in providing useful applications that make your day to day life easy. Whether it be Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Photos etc. all the applications are really very useful and really solves a some of our biggest problems like reminders, storage, and whatnot.

Earlier this week, Google launched another new application on the Google Play Store by the name of “Files Go”. This new app makes sharing of files and managing the received files very easy as well as quick. Initially, the App was pulled back before very quickly as soon as it came into the picture. However, later they released the same as an early dev beta version for the users to try out.

At first, we thought that Files Go will be a simple application that is going to share the files just like ShareIt. But after looking into the application we would like to say that it is way more than just sharing files. Files Go helps the user in managing the unused files and thus generate space on the smartphone by clearing them out. It smartly finds that application that the user has not been using and recommends you to remove it. In addition to that, the app also searches for any kind of duplicate photos or other files so that it could free some extra memory on your device.

And that is not all, the most interesting thing about Files Go is it allows the Android users to share or receive any kind of file from any other Android device without needing an internet connection. The is very much similar to Apple’s AirDrop from the sharing point of view.

Google Files Go

We can also link this new Google Files Go app to the Google’s Android Go Initiative. In case you do not know about that, it was an initiative started by the tech giant to offer an OS as well as applications that do not require high-end specifications to run and need very limited access to the cellular data, for the smartphones. Other applications YouTube Go offers the users similar features where the user can download and share videos with each other. Looking from that point of view, Files Go is an excellent app that might be the perfect thing that they should have done after YouTube Go.

The application is still in its Beta phase, still, if you wish to try it out, you can download Files Go directly from the Google App Store. There is still no word from Google about when the final version of the app is expected to come out, but one thing is for sure. Similar to YouTube Go, the app is restricted to very specific regions of the world.