In the month of April, we saw Microsoft bringing Outlook to Android Wear OS. But it looks like that the company is more inclined towards its enhancement than we thought it would be. The new update to the Outlook for Android Wear brings watch face to the smartwatches.

Outlook Android Wear Update

Yesterday, the company finally announced that they are releasing a newer version of their popular PC app, Outlook and Calendar application for Android wear. You will be able to see watch face on your wrist after the update.

One can now see all the inbox notification as well as daily events and deal with messages as one does on his or her smartphone.

Talking about the watch face, one can see time, day and date along with impending calendar events. In case you do not have anything planned for coming half day, you will be able to see your mails in the watch face. And all these mails can be accessed just with a tap on your wrist.

In addition to that, the theme colour of your main app will decide the colour in the match dial. In case you wish to personalise the home background, you can even do that and match it to your style.

The Outlook team quoted,” Today, we are introducing the Outlook watch face for Android Wear. With the Outlook watch face, you can quickly see an overview of your day’s schedule along with key details on where you need to be next. Staying on top of your day has never been easier.”

There are additional feature too that remind you when you have a meeting, reply to any invitation, dictate the text using Voice dictation feature, schedule emails etc.

Overall, the update could play a very crucial role in organizing your day. Any Android watch user can actually save a lot of time and avoid a lot of stress, all thanks to the Outlook update.