Xiaomi is undoubted one of the most interesting and amazing smartphone manufacturing company. They have introduced so many devices that offer its users really good and high-end specifications and that too at a very reasonable price. I personally have used Xiaomi devices and they are lightning fast, possess decent cameras and sound, bright color rich displays and a cheap price tag. They offer so much in their devices, that you yourself won’t feel the need to ask anything more from them. However, there was one big problem with them till now. The Xiaomi smartphones were only available to the Chinese mainland as well as in some of the South Asian countries. But the good news is that they have finally entered the European market now.

If you live in Europe and have always been facinated about Xiaomi smartphones, cheer up, as you can get your hands on them now. Today they have introduced two of its latest and best Smartphones of this year in the Western Europe.

The launch event was held in Madrid, Spain where the Chinese Smartphone maker introduced the Mi Mix 2 and Mi A1 Smartphones to the Spanish nationals. Both of these devices are expected to go on sale by the end of this month. Not only this was an official debut for the company in European land but also their first European smartphone release. There have been rumors saying that they soon might enter the US market as well, and looking at today’s event, we are pretty sure that they will very soon.

“In order to be focused, we want to make Spain successful first. And then we can think of other markets and countries. We want to learn from the customers about the taste of European people.”, said Wang Xiang, the senior vice president of Xiaomi, to The Verge.

Smartphones are not the only thing that Xiaomi introduced in the Madrid event. The also released the Mi Electric Scooter, the Mi Band 2 and the Mi Action Camera 4K priced at €349.99, €24.99 and €134.99 respectively.

Xiaomi Spain Event

Most of us expected a huge multi-country launch from Xiaomi in Europe, but compared to that, it is a small but smart start for the company in Europe. They vision to bring a lot of their other products and get them deep in the market along with their already popular smartphones. Their success in Spain might result in a quick expansion into other European countries as well.

But that is some that we will see in the coming time. As of now, the customers can buy the Mi A1 smartphone for €229 and the Mi Mix 2 for €499. You can buy it on the company’s website or from the 2 new brick-and-mortar store that they have opened in Madrid. The pre-orders for the phones start tomorrow which will go on sale from 11th of November. You can also get them at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Phone House, AliExpress and Carrefour on the same date. However, other retail partners will be receiving their pieces only after 22nd November 2017.