Here is a recap of everything that was announced at the 2016 Google #IO16 Developers Conference. From Android to VR and Google Assistant. Watch the Keynote here – Live Stream

Kess Daniels May 18, 20164:30 PM

In about 30mins from now, you can follow the live entry of what’s happening at Google HQ as the tech giant announce a handful of update at the 2016 developers conference. io16

Kess Daniels May 18, 20169:08 PM

Google IO 2016 sees it’s largest live views is from China, with 1,000,000 people watching live.

Kess Daniels May 18, 20169:11 PM

Google trained it’s voice recognition AI with background noise, to get accurate human voice. this has improved voice by 25% in recognition. io16

Kess Daniels May 18, 20169:16 PM

Google takes on Amazon Echo, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana. Ability to understand the context of a conversation. googleassistant io16

Kess Daniels May 18, 20169:24 PM

integrated w/ the equals . you can have enhanced hands-free convo at home w/ Google and your family

Kess Daniels May 18, 20169:34 PM

Google Home will be available late in the year. You can learn more at Google Home is more than the regular assistant, it’s a family companion to make you daily life efficient.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:41 PM

has partnered with the likes of and more.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:42 PM

Google launch a new messaging app, called Allo, with Google Assistant built-in. Taking on with enhanced security in focus.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:43 PM

makes you express yourself with Whisper and shout send feature. The feature allows you to reduce the font size of you text before you send your chat based on how you feel.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:44 PM

uses machine learning to suggest reply, based on how you use the app and how you chat with .

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:45 PM

Allo + Google Assistant. Make a reservation with Opentable right from within the app without switching windows or leaving a chat.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:47 PM

Play YouTube videos and games right within the app based on Google Assistant suggestions.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:48 PM

All messages in are encrypted and Incognito Allo is end-to-end encrypted giving users invisibility even in notifications.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:48 PM

works very effectively on low bandwidth connection using and technology

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:49 PM

Google introduces Multi-tasking and Multi Window on mobile and Android TV with Picture-in-Picture features to perform 2 tasks concurrently.

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:50 PM

Kess Daniels May 18, 201610:54 PM

on Android Wear includes intuitive replies and a keyboard or handwriting on screen.