We all have been hearing a lot about the Boring company lately and the tunnel it has been working on, but without any idea what is actually looks like and it is all about. But, the owner of the company, Elon Musk recently shared the very first pictures of the LA tunnel that is right now under construction. Till now, all we knew about it was that this new venture of Musk has been testing the technology and equipment under the SpaceX’s headquarters in California as well as in LA sub-urban area.

The Boring company got the permission for underground construction back in the month of August earlier this year and this is the first image that has been shared after that. Looking at this new image, it looks exactly the same what the popular entrepreneur has visioned and displayed us in a concept video earlier this year.

Boring Company

The company came into the picture for implementing a futuristic idea which could be an excellent alternative to the current problematic urban mode of transportation. He showed in a video, a high-speed tunnel-shaped subway or you can also call them underground roadways with electric tracks, especially for cars, that could ferry the vehicle to and from from the start to destination. Los Angeles was picked for testing because firstly, it is close to their main SpaceX headquarters and secondly because the city’s increasing problem of traffic could serve as a good initial target to accomplish.

The main aim of the company is to tackle the conditions that the people have to face every now and then while traveling. It matches the main concept of his master Hyperloop concept, but that is something on which other companies are working on.
There was a description as well under the photo shared by Musk on his personal Instagram in which he makes it as a section of the tunnel that runs parallel to the Interstate 405 and ending in Interstate 101. There are exit ramps at every one mile or so. Musk also wrote, “it will work like a fast freeway, where electric skates carrying vehicles and people pods on the main artery travel up to 150 mph, and the skates switch to side tunnels to exit and enter.” We still need to wait whether this idea of Musk is viable or not after its completion and testing expected in few years.