Augmented Reality is a very powerful technology. In if you disagree with this statement, you might not have heard about the most popular AR game available on Smartphones i.e. Pokemon Go. Developed by Nintendo, Pokemon Go is a simple yet amazing game and that is because it brings the non-living fictional characters on your screen to life. Just like they are in real world interacting with the surrounding just like you and many others. Sounds really exciting, right? Well, there is good news for all Augmented Reality lovers out there, as Google has said that the Google Play Store will be filled with “hundreds of millions” of AR applications by the end of the next year.

This has been promised by Amit Sings, the operations and business head of Google’s VR department, in a Web summit that was recently held in Lisbon who talked about the Augmented Reality visions and ambitions of the world biggest search engine company.

It has already been confirmed by Google that they are going to introduce the advanced support for AR to more than 100 million Android devices before the end of this year. But it looks like that the company has been planning to transform our smartphones into millions of AR ready machines as soon as they can.

Since we have never seen Google differentiating between high-end smartphone and other users, the update will be compatible with all kinds of Android smartphones and not only for high-end flagship smartphones. It is clear that they are aiming the huge user base for what they are already calling the “next big thing”. Singh also added to his statement that Augmented Reality is going to be one of the core features of most of the Android OS over the next couple of years. The Google’s ARCore project is running as they have planned and currently the developers are working on building the experience so the people don’t find it difficult in adapting the AR technology.

They have already see the monetization benefits of the Augmented Reality. Most of us have already seen that in Pokemon Go where the game single-handedly brought more than $1 Billion revenue through the in-game purchases. There are a lot of benefits for other seller companies. For example, what if you can actually see a dress and how it will look on your just by opening up your camera. Wouldnt it be interesting?

Google Augmented Reality

The expansion they are planning in such short span of time will hugely depend on the ARCore kit, which is the Google’s Android SDK that developers from all over the world can use to implement their idea without requiring any extra sensors or hardware components.

However, as of now, the ARCore is only available for the Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus smartphones. But that won’t remain the same and if you listen to Google, everything is going to change very soon.