Asus Zenbo

Asus has come up with one of the most talked gadget of Computex 2016, a small, cute and talking robot for your home costing just $599. The name of this robot is “Zenbo”.

Asus’s Zenbo is more like a walking talking personal assistant, just two feet high and which can look after your small household chores, tell stories to your kids and can even help you look after your elderly relatives and friends.

Zenbo moves around the house rolling on its wheels, and one can find a display on the front side which can be used for making video calls or playing videos or can just show an animated face. The front camera has also got facial recognition technology and can easily monitor your home remotely with just some vocal responses and voice commands.

Zenbo home robot

Zenbo can play music if you are bored, it can remind you of your appointments, help you take your medicines on time and a lot more. In case you are not able to spend time with your kids, the educational capabilities of the Zenbo bot can even entertain your kids when you are not around.

Jonney Shih, Asus’s Chairman demonstrated the robot at a press conference held on Monday in Taipei in which he ordered Zenbo to perform few tasks in front of the audience.

Jonney Shih said, “Hey Zenbo, is it true you can take pictures”?

Zenbo replied, “Yes, I can take photographs.”

Then he asked the robot to capture a photograph of him along with the audience in the background. The chairman then moved to the perfect position for the shot and Zenbo, on the other hand, trundled over and then clicked his photograph with the audience. This was pretty impressive keeping in mind that all this was done by the robot just by listening to a voice command.


The company has announced the price of the robot, but there is no information regarding its release date. However, we hope that Asus brings the robot in the market soon so that we can see this small household companion and child’s best friend in every other family.