Jaybird Freedom

JayBird recently launched its latest cord-free earbuds for the Freedom line, and believe us they are very tiny. The company’s officials confirmed that they are the smallest earbuds that the company has ever produced. New Freedom earbuds are 20 percent smaller than the previous models, which in-turn leads to better overall fit.

JayBird Bluetooth earbuds are the fifth generations of wireless offerings from the company with promising style, comfort and most importantly with good sound all in a single package. The company claims that the new earbuds have the best sound with the most comfortable fit and with various personalization and customization options as well.

The battery life on the earbuds lasts up to eight hours approximately, but it comes with a small portable charger as well, which again gives additional four hours battery to the user to juice out.

The in-ear bluetooth earbuds are made of plastic because having a metal bud will most probably inhibit the signal and performance of the device. Now the new Freedom earbuds feature a sandblasted metal accented housing. The earbuds can also be paired with an upcoming mobile app called MySound, which will allow users to customize, save the volume level and manage other aspects as well. These changes will automatically apply to whatever app the customer uses along with the earbuds.

Jaybird Earbuds

The app is available on both the Android and iOS versions and allows the user to setup profiles beforehand. The earbuds are available to the customers in four different colors: Gold, Carbon, Blaze, Blue. The JayBird Freedom is made available to the customers at 199$.

In-terms of sound quality, JayBird has consistently churned out the products that deliver loud and clear audio quality. Unlike other competitors, JayBird offers a lifetime warranty against sweat, and we are hoping to see the same mark with this new-launch too.