Amazon echo was the first smart speaker that we saw in the market. after that followed a lot of other smart speakers from different companies. Google home and Google Home Mini from Google, HomePod from Apple etc. all these smart speakers which are able to perform a lot more other tasks apart from producing good music. They can control various appliances in your home, could tell you about the weather report, make calls and what not. However, these smart speakers come from companies that actually do not excel in manufacturing speakers that could produce really outstanding music. This is where Sonos One makes an entry.

Sonos is a popular brand who manufacture outstanding speakers since a long time. Sonos One is the first smart speaker from the company that really sounds good. Thier previous speaker, i.e. Play:1, was the multi-room speaker that was far better than any other room-speaker available at similar price. Well, Sonos One sounds even better than that. Not only that, the built-in Alexa smart software makes it perform each and every task that Amazon echo can do.

This is just one thing, the company promises compatibility with both Google Assistant as well as Alexa and other major house control systems in the upcoming year. So, here we with a brief review of this smart speaker that is the best in terms of music output in the current market.


Sonos One Review

Sonos has been producing speakers for more than 15 years now. Almost all of them have received a positive response from the consumers. Looking at the new Sonos One, you will find it similar to the Play:1 in terms of design and shape. The top portion of the speaker is a flat surface with some touch sensitive buttons on it. These buttons are backlit and there is a circular dotted ring connecting all of them with mic button at the center. The Sonos One smart speaker is available in two colors: black and white.


There is a separate Sonos application available in the Android and Apple application store that helps the user to incorporate dozens of music services with the Sonos One. You can choose from Google Play music, Spotify, iHeartMusic etc to enjoy your favorite songs on Sonos One. You could use the speaker from any part of the room and could even go for a multi-room setup. However, if you already own a Play:1 speaker, you cannot pair it up with the new Sonos One for a wider soundstage. For setting up multi-room soundstage, you will have to buy another Sonos One smart speaker for pairing.

Sonos One Top

Sound Quality

Instead of going for already available smart systems, Sonos went on to create it’s very own system that actually works very well with their speaker. On comparing the voice output with Google Home Mini, echo, and other smart devices, trust us, Sonos One is far better than any other smart speaker present in the market. Also, Alexa’s voice coming out of the Sonos One sounds less like a machine voice coming from a distance, and more like a real woman.

Sonos One Is a mono speaker with great sound which even turns better when you pair it with a second Sonos One. The Bass is really very deep And it handles the treble better than the original Play:1 even when you turn it very loud.

Sonos One Design

The Verdict

Sonos One is a great speaker that you should definitely go for if you are planning to buy a smart speaker with best music output out there. if you are real music lover and budget is not a problem for you, we would recommend you to buy a couple of them for the best sound. you can get the Sonos One smart speaker just for $199.