Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality technology is progressing at a very rapid rate and where everybody is busy developing virtual reality headset and virtual reality games, Samsung is developing a gamepad for virtual reality games and apps.

It is one of the most crucial as well as required addition to VR technology that will make the experience even more realistic. A basic Bluetooth controller with buttons for performing basic function could be great start. However, one can easily find a lot of Android controllers on the net for good gaming experience, but an official controller for VR games will certainly make a difference.

Google has also announced a new VR platform named Daydream. Also, the inclusion of motion controller support have increased the requirement of a controller as people will get tired soon if the keep on using their body parts for performing tasks in VR world.

According to the reports, the controller is going to be a simple Bluetooth controller. Also, this is the first time Samsung is entering the Android controller vertical, but talking specifically, the controller is aimed for Gear VR.

The configuration of the VR controller can be seen in the image below. There is joystick on the left along with 4 action buttons on right and a “home” button at the center. With flat surface design, there is no room for shoulder buttons as well.

Samsung VR controller

Samsung might also include some small trick like basic motion sensor in the gamepad which is not visible in the image. If that be the case, the developers are going to have something very interesting in their hand to implement and use in thousands of new creative ways.

But before we start dreaming about it, it is still a rumor and not confirmed by Samsung till now. Would you like Samsung to come up with such VR accessory? Let us know in comments below.