Smart lock

One of the most frustrating thing that you come across while surfing the internet is entering passwords in order to log-in into various sites. It might be a small work, but it is frustrating. It even becomes more frustrating when you enter wrong password by mistake or if you forget it. No doubt, it is the most essential thing as it keeps our online information and data secure and you should try to make them as unique as possible, but too many of them may leave you confused many times.

It is best to either use a single hard password for all your account, which will make this task easy. Another way is to make use of a password managing tool which you can trust and is capable of handling all the passwords for you.

There are many password managers out there which you can consider to download and install on your PC. However, if you do not want to install anything for it, Google’s password managing tools are the best option you have. These services are already integrated into platforms like Chrome and Android, all you need to do is to explore them.

Password Manager in Chrome

The Chrome web browser can easily learn your passwords as well as can sync them to other devise as well. The only condition is that all the devices must be signed to one Google account. You can also access all your saved passwords at

One of the biggest problem with Chrome web prowser password manager is that it only works for sites and not for apps. For applications, it is best to use Smart Lock tool which is going to take care of your apps passwords too.

Smart Lock Password Manager tool

Google introduced Smart Lock at Google I/O 2015 just because they required something more deeply integrated in order to keep up with the competition.

With Smart Lock, the user can automatically sign in to the compatible apps. The only condition is that the login credentials must be saved in Chrome. Just for example, if you have your Facebook password saved in Chrome browser, you can automatically log in to your Facebook mobile application.

In order to use Smart Lock, all you need to do is:

  • Go to Phone Settings.
  • Select “Google”.
  • Tap in “Smart Lock for Passwords”.
  • Turn on “Smart Lock for Password” and “Auto Sign-in”.

So the next time you try to login to an application whose password is saved in your Chrome browser, you will not have to enter password ever again. If you are an Android user and fed up of entering the passwords in order to log-in to your downloaded apps, make use of Smart Lock and get rid of the log-in screens you see while opening many applications.