Samsung and Apple have been old rivals if we talk about smartphones and earlier too we have seen the tech giants mocking each other and their fans via advertisements and other methods. However, we haven’t seen any attacks from Samsung to the Cupertino tech giant since past some time, but with Apple’s latest devices, iPhone 8 and especially, iPhone X hitting the markets, Samsung has launched a new commercial in which we see Samsung pointing out and making fun of the weak points that Apple’s iPhones have had since 2013.

The head on war between both the companies is clearly visible in the new Samsung commercial. The commercial starts by mocking at one of the most common problems that iPhone users have been facing since many years. Yes, space. A lot of iPhone users have been complaining about the less space on iPhones, and that is true as well. All thanks to the 16 GB storage standard that they have been using for their flagship devices since long. Next, they target the screen size of the iPhone devices. Samsung released their first device with 5.5-inch display in 2013 as Samsung Galaxy Note 3, while Apple continued the use of small 4-inch display till iPhone 5S.

The next thing that Samsung picks up is the waterproof feature that the Galaxy series boasted in 2016, while in the next scene we see an iPhone still sitting in a bowl of rice waiting for the water to dry off from its inner components. Last but not the least, they make fun of the useless iPhone dongle introduced in 2017 and which Apple has been selling as a ridiculous accessory along with its recent flagships, and which is required to charge the iPhones and listen to the music at the same time.

iPhone in Rice

The new commercial has the tag of “Growing up”, and looks like an effort from Samsung to make the iPhone users realize their outdated choice and luring them to switch to the new Galaxy Note 8 instead of going for the attractive iPhone X. The main message behind the commercial is to show the people that they have always been ahead of Apple in terms of design, hardware and other features since long. There are a lot of other things that could have been mentioned in there and which the Android users can easily point out that makes Samsung Galaxy series a better choice than an iPhone, but Samsung didn’t go into that much details and highlighted only the main points of difference.

iPhone X haircut

The fight between Samsung and Apple is not limited to just companies. The fans have been debating over it as well. But with Samsung Galaxy note 7 bursting, they had nothing to fight with and show Apple behind them last year. But now with Galaxy Note 8 out, they definitely would want to bring over a lot of iPhone users on to their user base.