It looks like problems for Apple are never-ending. After Qualcomm sued the Cupertino tech giant for banning the sale of Apple iPhones in the China, a Japanese company is suing them again for the use of their trademark “Animoji” name as a feature in their brand new iPhone X.

Emonster is a company based in Tokyo who have filed a suit in the US federal court on Wednesday claiming that “Apple made the conscious decision to try to pilfer the name for itself.”

What Apple is claiming as the main feature of their upcoming iPhones, “Animoji”, is an app owned by Emonster which they launched back in the year 2014. The Animoji allows the user to animate the emojis and then send them to family and friends as GIF images. The Animoji app owned by Emonster allows the people to compose a message just like the developers code in the different languages in Python and JavaScript. Users can also add the text as well as effects to these emojis as well.

The Animoji feature displayed by Apple in the iPhone X even held a few weeks back allows the users to put their expressions in a live moving emoji. It is possible with the help of Apple’s new face recognition technology. Since the Animoji app, as well as the moving animation, is something they have already been using for long, the court should penalize Apple for including them in the new iPhone X.

If we look at the suit filed by Emonster, they said that Apple knew about the existence and ownership of Animoji trademark beforehand. It is because the Animoji application is already available in the Apple app store. They also said that Apple tried to buy the trademark for iPhone X from them, but even after they turned down their offer, they kept on using the same name and functionality anyway.

Emonster Animoji

However, Emonster got the trademark for Animoji in 2015, and later Apple filed a petition to revoke the trademark in the month of September 2015. This brings the registration under review as Apple claims that they filed the trademark for a non-existent business which is wrong and they can’t claim themselves as the owners of Animoji.

Right now Emonster is waiting to gain a huge lump of money against the damages done by Apple and block them from using the same name. But we are still waiting for a concrete reply from Apple on the issue.