As predicted by the previous leaks, Facebook Messenger has finally arrived for Windows smartphones as well. Windows 10 smartphone users can now download the social network messaging application from the store directly.

Facebook Messenger

The messenger application has been directly imported from the Apple operating system, and that is why all the features in the Windows 10 Facebook Messenger app are more or less similar to the features that are available in the iOS version of the app.

In simple words, one can use stickers, GIF, nicknames as well as other features like live title support, groups and push notifications etc. on it as well.

Given below is the complete list of features that the one can use on the Windows 10 Facebook Messenger app:

  • The user gets a notification every time he or she receives a message.
  • One can even see the messages that are waiting and queued up with a love tile.
  • Easily share videos, pictures as well as GIFs with your family and friends.
  • Create a different group with people with whom you chat the most. One can assign a picture to the group and can even decide the group name.
  • Use stickers in order to being your conversation to life.
  • You can easily know when your messages are read by the other person.
  • Easily search friends and groups.
  • Forward any messages or pictures to people who missed the conversation or were not part of it.

Facebook Messenger on Windows 10 Smartphone

That is a long as well as good list to start with. So, now Windows 10 smartphone users do not have to open the Facebook app or Facebook site again and again every time they wish to check or send messaged to anyone.

However, the Facebook messenger app for Windows 10 is still in the beta stage. There might be certain bugs that you may encounter while using the app and you have to bear them for now. If you are a Windows 10 smartphone user too, you can download the app from here too.