The news might upset a lot of popular Instagram account users, but Instagram is determined abut rolling out the new algorithm-based timeline.

Instagram Algrothm update

We really appreciate that the photo social media company is being true to its users. They already hinted the users about it in past and now they are following what they said.

For those who do not know about this new algorithm, it is really going to affect what all of us see on our feed. Instagram announced back in the month of March that they are going to show their users what they “care about”.

This news had a lot of haters, especially the people who have an account with a lot of followers. They say that this new algorithm will hide their posts behind the posts of people with whom people interact very frequently. So, after the new algorithm is rolled out, you won’t see your posts in chronological order as they are now.

On the positive side, the new algorithm is going to make you feed a lot more personal.

According to the company, people are not able to see the posts of the people they interact frequently just because there are a lot of posts in their feed from various accounts. And the number of posts are not decreasing, but increasing at an exponential rate.

However, we are pretty sure that sooner or later it was going to happen. Same happened to Facebook news feed in the past. And since Instagram is owned by Facebook, this was meant to be happen.

Instagram said, the update will come “over the coming month”, however, you will know that the update is out when you notice that your feed posts are not sequenced in a chronological manner.

It does not matter you like the change or not. Instagram’s new update with stay with us and looking at the bright side, you will see more genuine posts than scams on your feed now.