The latest news from Bloomberg tells us that Qualcomm has filed a new lawsuit against the Cupertino tech giant, Apple requesting the Chinese Court to block the manufacturing as well as the sale of iPhones in China.  It is very clear that the 2 big technology companies are in a legal war that began in the United States earlier this year and is now crossing the borders taking their fight overseas.

In response to Qualcomm’s allegations, Apple said that their claims are invalid and they are pretty sure that Qualcomm’s efforts are going to fail. Well, they might be true because Qualcomm did not bring any kind of patents during the negotiations and have only issued them in recent time.

An Apple spokesperson said, “Apple believes deeply in the value of innovation, and we have always been willing to pay fair and reasonable rates for patents we use. In our many years of ongoing negotiations with Qualcomm, these patents have never been discussed and in fact were only granted in last few months,”. He also added, “ Regulator’s around the world have found Qualcomm guilty of abusing their position for years. This claim is meritless and, like their other courtroom maneuvers, we believe this latest legal effort will fail.”

This is a second time Qualcomm is making an attempt to ban the sales of iPhone in the Chinese mainland. Earlier this year in the month of July, they filed a similar patent in the United States in which they said 6 of their patents were violated by Apple. There are very little chances of iPhones getting banned in China and this attempt from Qualcomm looks more like a revenge on Apple who has been filling too many lawsuits against Qualcomm all around the world.  

Apple vs Qualcomm

If you have very little idea about this battle between Apple and Qualcomm, the war between the two tech giants begin in the month of January when Apple filed a lawsuit saying that Qualcomm was holding their payment for ransom. However, the Federal Trade Commission prompted it and claim that Qualcomm was making wrong use of their position in the market to get more money since they are the dominant supplier of smartphone modems in the world. After that appeal, Apple filed a lot many similar lawsuits against Qualcomm around the globe followed by Qualcomm contending patent infringement in all those places.

If things go like this the future as well, it does not look good for Qualcomm. They have already been fined repeatedly for this kind of behavior and after the latest ruling, they have again received the fine of $774 million by the Taiwan’s Fair Trade Commission.