Google has been completely focussed on transforming all our home appliances into smart home appliances. In addition to that, they have been releasing many smart devices and gadgets that could make the human life, a lot easier and productive than before. One such example if the all-new Google Home Mini. The Google Home Mini is a small, smart, cute gadget which is a compact version of the Google Home smart speaker that we saw Google releasing in the last year’s conference.

If you look at the current market trends, smart speaker are highly in demand and really very popular among the masses. It’s not just Google, but seeing the diversity in the segment, Apple has also jumped in by launching their HomePod, a competitor of Google Home. However, the best and the most popular among all of the smart speakers is Amazon Echo, which is way ahead of where Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Apple HomePod stand.

But here we are not going to talk about all of them, but one. Google Home Mini is yet to be shipped. But we got our hands on one of the Home Mini device and here is our early review of this device.

Google Home Mini

One thing is for sure. The Google Home Mini looks extremely cool and cute and definitely beats all its rivals in terms of design.

The Google home is round in shape, very compact and gives you a homely feel while having around. There is a textured fabric present on the top of the device that adds a funky element to its overall looks. However, the main purpose of this fabric is to protect the inner parts from the dust and other impurities from getting into. The base and the chassis is made up of plastic. There is a micro USB port for charging the device, but we are sad to see that Google has not included USB type-C in Google Home Mini. Apart from that, there is a small switch that could be used to turn off the mic in the home Mini and it is available in 3 colors: Coral, Charcoal, and Chalk.

That was all about the design, but the main magic of this device lies in its functionality. There are two field microphones embedded in the home meaning for picking up the voices and commands given to it from any part of the room. On our testing, we found that Home Mini is really good in picking up the voices if you are not very far from it. Yes, it did fail to respond quite a few times when we try to change the pitch of our voice to a different level.

In order to operate Google home, you just need to say “ Ok Google” and then whatever you want it to do for you. But the main question here is, what all can it really do? Well, the answer to this question is really very interesting.

Home Mini Chalk

You can transform your Google Home Mini into a lot of different things. For example, it can host the game for you, it can act as a DJ helping you to mix and spin you personalize music, it’s a complete encyclopedia, a companion when you are alone at home and what not.

Let us give you an example, let’s say you want to cook something but you do not remember the exact recipe that you need to follow. you can just ask Google Home Mini to dictate you the recipe of the dish and it will do it for you. You can ask it to dim or brighten different lights around your house just from your sofa.

Google is also planning to bring a new feature to club multiple actions to perform on a given command to Google Home Mini. let’s say you want your geyser to be turned on in music to get played automatically when you are home. You can just schedule this task and later tell Google Home Mini that you are home, and it will automatically initiate the pre-decided task for you.

You can ask Google Home Mini to play the music, set up alarms, bring up your appointments, see the weather forecast, and play all kinds of music ask for movies timings etc. There are a lot of games coming to Google Home Mini as well. the details have not been released by Google, but we are expecting something really interesting to come, specifically focusing to appeal the kids.

The best part of Google Home Mini is that you do not have to see any screen or touch anywhere to get your things done. Google Home Mini can make voice calls for you as well. The microphones attached to the home Mini a decent and do their job pretty well. But there were some cases where the other person complained that our voices were echoey and distorted.

Google Home Mini Review

Another big problem with whom meaning is that it does not possess any 3.5 mm headphone jack. This simply means that the embedded internal speaker is the only way you can listen to your favorite music. It would have been better if Google provided a small Jack for connecting Google home two other musical devices or speakers.

Google Home Mini is really a great smart speaker that you can have a really cheap price right now. It’s petite funky cool and the Google Assistant coming along with it makes it a lot more interactive, smart, and kind of you alone time companion.