After a few weeks of testing, here is the HTC 10 Review, a beautifully crafted device. This HTC flagship simple in design packs a powerful performance and features within.

HTC’s sales figures have been on a free fall and Taiwanese manufacturer needed a game changer, thus, HTC 10 to the rescue; compared with its rivals is a force to reckon with.

HTC 10 Review

The first thing we notice of course was the name change, HTC abandoned the nomenclature ‘One’ which has been the brand house name for so many years. The company has come a long way to reinvent itself and 10, it says is its perfection which seems to really walk the talk.

From hardware to software, everything in this new devices lives up to the buzz and comfortably challenges other Android smartphoneflagship like the Samsung’s Galaxy S7. Matter-of-factly, this device holds its grounds as one of the top five smartphones 2016 has seen yet.


What’s new with HTC 10

While one of the immediately noticeable change on the HTC 10 is the missing front-facing BoomSound speakers, which give the front design a rather simple look and feel and can be confused for a knock-off HTC One M9, but after a while, you just get used to it. This doesn’t reduce how solid the overall device look, the unibody design is smooth and shiny.

Display and Design

The 2.5D Gorilla Glass, with a 5.2 inch super LCD QHD 5, 565 PPI display, probably is the best display ever seen in years. The color display is top-notch and brightness is blinding if you go way over the required, also works fine under direct sunlight usage. The front finish having just the fingerprint/home button and on capacitive buttons on the bottom, giving you a wide screen area.

Side buttons feel firm and quirkier than its predecessors. This phone is a beauty in looks, and obviously, a product that can withstand the beating. The story doesn’t end there, the HTC 10 is an IP 53 water resistant certified device, however, it may not survive a total submerge in water, but come in handy if you find yourself dancing in the rain.


A sad change on the top of the device the replacement of the HTC IR blaster with the headphone jack connector, but complimented with a powerful sound production on the headphones. Not just the headphones, but a built-in high-res audio, but instead of the 2 front facing speakers, the 10 has tweeters at the top and a woofer at the bottom. Although the quality is great, but loudness really varies according to what you are listening to.


Powering the show is a Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM Adreno 530 GPU, with 32GB storage, expandable via microSD. The HTC 10 has got a few interesting tweaks to the display and software enhancement that boost launch time, and the result is a very fluid experience.

The same experience extends to graphics in terms of games, fast load time and speedy performance all around. Sometimes the aluminum body gets warm after sometimes of heavy usage and gameplay but doesn’t hinder the performance in any way.

On the software side, a lot has changed too, if you dig into the settings you find that HTC also scrapped out Sense, joining force with Google to fight fragmentation, creating a unified and polished user experience. HTC 10 eliminates duplicate app (for example, instead of HTC Calendar and Google Calendar app, you have just the latter), and chose the best of both worlds, unlike a typical Android app stack.


HTC 10 allows for a freestyle theme, allowing users the freedom to customized the home screens and experience of their device. The device also adopted a material design that unifies the experience across HTC and Google apps.

HTC Connect feature now supports Apple Airplay out of the box. A first for any android device.

Boost+ is a cool feature in the HTC 10 that should be available to all Android devices pretty soon, lets you quickly boost and free up space on your phone for faster performance.

Lock screen gesture is something HTC takes advantage of, and with the new ICE View case accessory, you can perform quite a few task which the phone is locked.


This area is still a struggle for HTC, although the HTC 10 does fantastically well here compared to past generations. The hardware of the camera packs a 12 ultra pixel with optical image stabilization on both back and front camera with is a 5 megapixel.

The device takes great photos during the day and sadly not quite good ones at night. HTC 10 give you the features of a pro camera in your hands but still not able to marry the power the bags. The camera isn’t all that bad if you are not so into the details, pretty sure you won’t even notice.


3000 mAh power got juiced up alongside the fast charging feature. As a matter-of-factly, the HTC 10 survived up to 12hrs heavy usage, and on standby go almost a whole day. One interesting observation is the ability to do more when the be device goes on battery saving mode, with 6 percent you will be amazed what you can actually do. Yes, the fast charging is legit, in 30 minutes the device get 50 percent charged.

Final Thought on the HTC 10 Review

What to love about the HTC 10 are the sound quality, the responsiveness, the crystal clear display and the battery life performance and in the end, the camera still makes the cut.

HTC 10 is an appropriate response to the Taiwanese manufacturer in this difficult times. The company needs to do everything it can to re-enforce it’s brand image, this takes time and it’s going in the right directions too.