Kindle Paperwhite is still one of the most popular and loved e-book reading device offering you hundreds and thousands of papers to surf all day and all night. However, we have a new Kindle is in town named Kindle Oasis, which is going to impress you even more if you already are a Kindle Paperwhite fan.

Kindle Oasis Review

Obviously, what could be better than Kindle Paperwhite? The small reading device is light, easily portable and comes with superb battery life. With adjustable backlight and plenty of room to fill, one could hardly imagine that Amazon can come up with something better.

However, Kindle Oasis is something that will convince you that there can be something better than Paperwhite. You need to trust us on this case. The reading experience on Kindle Oasis is pretty incredible. There is a leather cover attached to the device which doubles the battery capacity and keeps the Kindle live for a lot more time. This leather cover does two jobs for you, it provides you extra protection and extra charge whenever you need it.

Amazon has cut down its weight drastically, leaving a thin and super light eReader that you can possibly imagine of. Amazon claims that this new Kindle Oasis will offers 60% more LEDs when compared to any other Kindle they have launched till date. Also, the text is crisp with great readability but it is very hard to notice the difference.

Another superb upgrade in Kindle Oasis is that, one can now old the entire device in one hand easily, and can even flip the pages left and right with the help of two buttons present om the right hand side of the reading device. There is also a power button on the top right corner which is pretty easy to reach as well.

Kindle Oasis

Amazon have promised its users that they can get almost a month’s battery out of it, but that can only be tested once you start using it regularly. The battery life is still impressive if it can last for more than 20-25 days. Is basically depends upon the type of reading conditions you prefer.

Also, when your Kindle is out of juice, the cover starts backing it up right away. Still, that is going to be a rare case as you will definitely charge it at least once in a month.

You will have to pay $300 for Kindle Oasis. Of course, the new eReader is not cheap, but at the same time, if you are a true reader, you will simple fell in love with the features it offers to you.