Iran closes borders on messaging applications

It looks like Iran has turned a lot more cautious regarding its privacy policies. The country have ordered various popular messaging applications to move the entire data on the Iranian users onto servers that are based in Iran itself, according to Reuters.

The desire of control seems never-ending for them and the Iranian government now wants to track even the private as well as semi-private conversations that are made via messaging applications. It is another fact that a lot of social networking platforms and apps like Facebook and Twitter are already blocked in the country.

Iran’s council said, “Foreign messaging companies active in the country are required to transfer all data and activity linked to Iranian citizens into the country in order to ensure their continued activity”.

Applications like Telegram and WhatsApp have turned out to be immensely popular in Iran and the government now feels helpless with no control over these platform. In addition to that, moving servers and data to Iran might not do the job for them too. WhatsApp recently rolled out end-to-end encryption, preventing itself from reading any communication between two people.

Same is the case with iMessage as well as “Telegram secret conversations”. Both of them are end-to-end encrypted and the companies can’t hand over these conversations to the government even if they want to.

Now the companies have just one year to comply with the decision of the Iranian government. The Supreme Council of Cyberspace of Iran, said on Sunday, the measure that have been announced are based upon the “guidelines and concerns of the supreme leader”.

People living in other countries with similar strict regulations use VPN tools in order to create accounts on these social networking sites. However, it is still very unclear what the Iranian goverment wish to achieve with this new game they plan to play with messaging applications.