With internet penetration in Nigeria soaring year on year, having a web presence is essential for any business to thrive. Over one million SMEs and startups in Nigeria lack a website and over a half of that number are yet to have a presentable premium website. This is largely because the average cost of building a typical website falls between ₦70,000 – ₦150,000, which is a lot upfront investment for a startup business.


Because we know that having a web presence is a big deal, and we understand the stress associated with owning a website beyond building one (maintenance, security and updates), we want to give businesses an affordable deal to ease that cost with a monthly subscription package that gives them industry standard websites that they can be proud of.

With My5KWebsite our customer can focus on creating awesome content, while we focus on all the technicalities by providing a managed solution. Our State-of-the-art setup ensures that we deliver on websites with zero service downtime.

“Cliché as it may sound ‘how you are dressed is how you are addressed.’ A website is your corporate identity and it has to look beautifully credible and reliable. That is exactly what we want our customer to get when they sign-up.”

Kess Daniels, Founder, My5KWebsite.com

Launching on My5KWebsite is easy and fast. We provide the hosting, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and a free domain name as desired by our customer and a live support round the clock. After the necessary setup, the websites typically go live in 5 business days.

My5KWebsite is still in beta phase with access to only 100 sign-ups for now. The Automation service will become more open as system updates are made.