It looks like Xiaomi have got a lot of gadgets under its hood. The Chinese tech startup unveiled the successor of their fitness band, i.e. Mi Band 2 recently.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The ‘2’ in Mi Band 2 might give you some other thoughts, but, in reality this is the third fitness tracking wearable gadget from the company. The first two fitness trackers from them were Mi Band and Mi Band Pulse.

The new fitness band is capable of tracking the number of steps you take as well as your heart rate. It also contains a small display and the best part about is that it will cost you just $23.

Xiaomi have already sold more than 20 million fitness bands and emerged as the second largest fitness monitoring company after Fitbit. Not only fitness trackers, Xiaomi’s other products are in demand too. With budget smartphones and other innovative gadgets, Xiaomi is planning to enter the North American as well as Western Europe markets very soon as well.

The tiny display present at the top of the band displays you the steps count as well as the time. Also, one can easily monitor his or her sleep using the band. In case you are sitting at a single place for too long, Mi Band 2 will vibrate in order to remind you that you need to move.

Mi Band 2

The Mi Band 2 is a bit expensive when compared to previous Mi fitness bands. This might be due to the additional display screen that has been embedded by the company in the new model.

If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, the band connects itself to the phone and prevents the user from entering the passcode again and again to unlock the smartphone. However, if your smartphone is stolen, the Bluetooth connection between both the devices gets disconnected and the passcode system is again turned on.

Overall, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is just a simple band which performs simple tasks and could be bought at very cheap price. The company is planning to begin the sale of Mi Band 2 on June 7.